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Dean Administration

Name: Mr. B. B. Sangame

Designation: Assistant Professor and Dean Administration

Qualification: BE (Mech), ME(PDD), PhD(Pursuing) (Pune University)

specialization: Production Design and Development

Teaching Experience: 11 Years

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Contact Number: 8149371312

At this juncture when the institute is cruising forward, as an Administrative Dean I feel that it is great opportunity to establish some advance features in administrative work. Hence, as a part of this, we have made some changes in administrative work. As an administration the institute is likely to give the best facilities to students and on the other hand as a technological institute it has to strive for the dissemination of technical knowledge. While doing this we face a lot of challenges in developing the students that too with adopting the change in technology but we are performing this in a smooth manner. I am privileged to mention that at early stage the institute is accredited with A grade by NAAC and ISO certification and very soon we will get NBA accreditation too. Further we will go for autonomy, for all these I expect anticipation from each and every member of SIT family.

Dean Academics
V V Patil

Name: Mr. P. H. Yadav

Designation: Assistant Professor and Dean Academics

Qualification: BE (Mech), ME(CAD/CAM/CAE), PhD.  (Pursuing, VIT Vellore)

Specialization: CAD/CAM/CAE

Teaching Experience: 10 years

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Dear Friends,

Higher education in India is undergoing a remarkable transformation. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has been emphasizing on outcome-based education, rather than the traditional exam-centric educational system which was followed in our country for centuries. In outcome-based education, the real learning outcomes of students are measured in an objective manner mainly to ensure that our higher education system is more accountable and quality-oriented.

Now, the emphasis is on comprehensive continuous learning rather than rote and exam oriented learning. This results in students spending more time in the laboratories than in the classrooms. The submission of mini-projects for assessment, has been made mandatory. This in turn helps the students in applying the theoretical concepts learnt by them.

We believe that the education received at our institutions, must translate into excellent career and job prospects for our students. At SITCOE, we always work very closely with varied industries, to fulfill the job aspirations of our students. In addition to having an excellent placement department, we closely collaborate with varied industries at different levels. We encourage the industries in turn to play an active role as our partners in education. We have established center of excellences in our campus which are associated with world class companies.

Each of these center of excellences play an active role in the design and delivery of major components of our curriculum. Both professional electives and global electives are offered through these centers in the higher semesters of undergraduate once again, welcome all of you to SITCOE for a fruitful learning journey!

Mr. P. H. Yadav

Dean Students Affairs

Name: Mr. S. V. Kumbhar

Designation: Assistant Professor & Dean-Students Affairs

Qualification: B.E mechanical, M .E(Heat Power), Ph.D (pursuing)

specialization: Heat Power

Teaching Experience: 11 years

Industrial Experience: NIL

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Contact Number: 9370749091

Dear All,
Welcome all to SITCoE. As you embark on your academic journey here, you will discover that SITCoE is not just a Institute that is different, but one that strives to nurture and mould that unique, differentiating factor in each and every one of you.

Your chapter here will be unforgettable, probably amazing. It will be a time of learning, exploring and discovering – yourselves, your peers, and the world around you. Study hard, but more importantly, make the best of your resources whether in or out of class. Connect, take part, join in, step up; your capabilities will outshine what you first thought possible of yourselves.

First-Year Students – during the next few months you will be transitioning into this new journey in your lives, socially, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically.  We, at SITCOE are here to be supportive and encouraging for you as a new student.

Upper Class Students – as you return to campus and continue on your path toward graduation be proud of your accomplishments thus far and keep in mind that you are leading the way as mentors, friends, assistants, co-workers, and fellow learners to first year students.


At SITCoE, we will endeavor to provide you with a safe and supportive environment not just to pursue your academic goals, but to challenge yourselves and grow. We hope your respective involvement in the countless of student life activities we have organized and designed will allow you to become not just future leaders ready to take on the world, but compassionate human beings with a heart for others. To know your passions and talents is only the half way mark; realizing how to serve others with them, well, that will be your worth. So make the best of your time here. Learn as much as you can from others, as they learn from you.

Have a wonderful, exciting, and fulfilling student life at SITCoE!
With warm regards and thanks
Mr. S. V. Kumbhar,
Dean, Student Affairs.


Name: Mr. Kupade K. A.

Designation: Assistant Professor and Dean IIPC

Qualification: M-Tech (VLSI System Design)

Specialization: Networking

Teaching Experience: 11 years

Industrial Experience: 9.5 year

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Contact Number: 9960376011

“Industry-Institute-Interaction” provides a platform for both the students as well as faculty members to be aware of industry expectations of skill sets required for students. This enables students to be aware of the lacunae in their skills and provides an opportunity to upgrade them. It also enables Faculty to be aware of industry expectations & train students to meet these expectations. This will enhance the Teaching Learning Process and enable the Institution to produce quality students. Such interactions can thus be of mutual benefit to the institution as well as the industry. Interaction between institute and industry is now widely recognized as an essential requirement to train and develop the right kind of man power necessary to sustain and promote industrial and economical growth.

Dean Faculty Development

Dear All,
We extend a hearty welcome to you.
We, at SITCoE Yadrav, with the staunch support of our Honourable Executive Director Sri. Anil Bagane Sir strive consistently for the all-round growth and development of our faculty members through meticulously designed plans and methods to enhance the teaching-learning process in the institute on continuous basis.

The main motto of the Faculty Development Cell (FDC) of SITCoE is to render quality technical education to the aspirants through qualified, experienced, and well trained faculty members who can quench the thirst for knowledge through their honest, sincere, and dedicated professional means and methods.

The end objective of the FDC is to ensure the roll out of well molded engineering graduates from the portals of SITCoE for the service of mankind.

We, the family of SITCoE, welcome the prospective students and their parents to visit our campus for a personal feel of the distinctive features of SITCoE and then take a right decision to join this upcoming and vibrant institute for quality technical education. With warm regards and thanks.

Ms. P. D. Ghate,
Dean, Faculty Development Cell.

Dean Research & Development
Dr. Shital P. Patil

Name: Dr. Shital P. Patil

Designation: Assistant professor & Dean- Research and Development

Qualification: M.Sc., Ph. D (Physics)

specialization: Physics

Teaching Experience: 8.5 Years

Industrial Experience: 0 Years

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Contact Number: 9503458494, 08484886012

The R&D cell incorporates of college members from various departments of the Institute. This committee oversees the clean and efficient coordination of research and development activities in the Institute, for that reason fostering overall boom. In all disciplines of technical training, information is dynamic with new technology being brought very regularly. In this situation, it is not possible for the academics to supply true fine commands without being tuned to the contemporary tendencies inside the subjects, for which they should continuously update their understanding.

SITCOE identified the importance of R&D within the vertical boom of the organization and mounted the R&D cell to consciousness on the clinical and business studies inside the various disciplines of Engineering. To enhance the gaining knowledge of device among the faculties and college students, we host Seminars and Workshops of personalities from Academia and Industries. The R & D cell is likewise getting inputs from Industries and funding corporations.

I, because the Dean of Research and Development, invite all the students joining the Institute at graduate & Post graduate to utilize the centers and assets provided by the Institute to nurture their skills and contribute their ideas for the increase of R & D way of life.

Dean Finance
Mr. U. M. Mulani


Designation: Assistant Professor & Dean - Finance

Qualification: Ph.D.(Maths)

specialization: Mathematics

Teaching Experience: 8.5 Years

E mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On behalf of our entire faculty, staff and students, welcome to the Sharad Institute of Technology, college of Engineering!

I am incredibly proud of the rich tradition of the Sharad Institute of Technology, college of Engineering to provide practical and experience-based education. The business today becoming more and more competitive, finance function across the globe is changing, and financial executives are assuming more of a strategic role. An increased amount of time is being spent on financial risk management and strategic planning and analysis. Thus, finance must be learned with a holistic and interdisciplinary approach providing insights for its linkages with economics, strategy, and other business and social sciences areas.

So, it is responsibility of each and every member of Sharad Institute of Technology, College of Engineering, to contribute towards financial management and achieve the financial stability.

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