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 Civil Lab Details

Sr. No.Name of the LaboratoryLab In-chargeRoom No.Area in Sq. mInvestment (In Rs.)
1 Applied Mechanics Lab Mr. Y. S. Patil 422 77.58 245749/-
2 Surveying/Basic Civil Engineering Lab Mr. R. M. Garud 355 88.61 1042664.50/-
3 Fluid Mechanics Lab Mr. S. J. Bhatmare 418 111.40 307732.80/-
4 Concrete Technology Lab Mrs. M. V. Sabale 352 201.15 1411265.85/-
5 Strength of materials Lab Mr. S.S. Magdum 405 110.20 960521/-
6 Engineering Geology Lab Mr. B. B.Tikke 402 88.61 101228.45/-
7 Environmental Engineering Lab Mr. S. B. Chougule 9A 92.50 378714.14/-
8 Geotechnical Engineering Lab Mr. S. A.Patil 351 88.61 650814.40/-
9 Transportation Engineering Lab Mrs. Akshata kothale 404 90.88 416417.46/-
10 Computer Lab Mr. Y. U. Kulkarni 420 91.76 1640608/-

Applied Mechanics Lab

Lab In-charge- Mr.Y.S.Patil

Engineering mechanics involves study of construction details , working and theoretical calculations and application  of machine that are used by engineers in field  operation , laboratory work aimed at providing practical know how to supplement learning thereby making visualization and understanding the machine much easier. 

Surveying/Basic Civil Engineering Lab

Lab In-charge- Mr.R.M.Garud

The Surveying Laboratory is equipped with the instruments and tools that students use throughout the surveying course. Students learn techniques for gathering field data with both traditional and modern instruments and demonstrate their proficiency on weekly lab exercises, project and final exam. Instruments include auto level, theodolite, total station level rods, tripods, tape measures, chaining pins, and other common surveying tools.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Lab In-charge- Mr. S. J. Bhatmare

This lab is run in conjunction with theory course Hydraulics. This lab includes experimental setup such as flow through pipes, Bernoulli’s experiment, tilting flumes, orifice and venturimeter, metacentric height apparatus, notch apparatus etc. This lab runs closely with the lectures in such a way that experiment supports the text cover in classroom.  

Concrete Technology Lab

Lab In-charge- Mrs. M. V. Sabale

Concrete technology laboratory deals with quality control of all construction raw materials like sand, aggregate, cement etc. in pre construction phase and also plays vital role in post construction diagnosis of structure by using modern instrumentation like NDT, ultrasonic pulse velocity which is helpful for strengthening of existing structure. It is core practical laboratory in civil engineering.

Strength of material Lab

Lab In-charge- Mr.S.S.Magdum

The objective of the strength of materials lab is to demonstrate the basic principles in the area of strength and mechanics of materials and structural analysis to the undergraduate students through a series of experiments.  In this lab the experiments are performed to measure the properties of the materials such as tensile strength, compressive strength, impact strength, hardness, ductility etc.

Engineering Geology Lab

Lab In-charge- Mr.B.B.Tikke

The department deals with the investigation, interpretation and evaluation of geological and geotechnical conditions, in particular with the location, design, construction, operation and maintenance of civil engineering structures. The geology laboratory comprise of samples of minerals, stones and charts of folds/faults etc.

Environmental Lab

Lab In-charge- Mr. S. B. Chougule

Environmental engineering lab is useful for testing waters as well as waste water. It is equipped with most of the instruments needed.

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

Lab In-charge- Mr.S.A.Patil

Geotechnical Engineering lab includes all the basic equipment as well as advanced equipments like direct shear, triaxial testing equipments etc. This is useful for the students during their academics as well as project. 

Transportation Engineering Lab

Lab In-charge- Mrs. Akshata Kothale

The Transportation Engineering lab has equipment required to conduct all standardized tests to assess quality of highway materials, pavement evaluation and traffic engineering studies. The various Equipment available in the laboratory are Aggregate Impact , Bitumen Penetration testing machine, Abrasion Testing, Marshall Stability Apparatus, Ring and Ball , Fire and flash point, Los Angles Abrasion testing machine, Attrition and  Ductility. The various materials test can be carried out to find the properties of aggregate and bitumen.

Computer Lab

Lab In-charge- Mr. Y. U. Kulkarni

Computer lab allows students to acquire the knowledge of computer which can be used for Analysis, Design and drafting of various civil structure components. Computer lab installed with advanced software of AUDODESK and BENTLY. This will enable students to develop professional design and drawing as per industry standards.  

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