Electrical Lab


Electrical Lab Information

Sr. No.Name of laboratory Major equipments Subject covered

Power Electronics&

Network Analysis


  • Three Induction Motor controller using Slip Power Recovery Scheme
  • Three Phase Induction Motor Controller
  • Single Phase Dual Converter
  • Three Phase Fully Controlled Converter
  • Single Phase Fully Controlled Converter
  • 1 HP DC Shunt Motor with loading arrangement
  • Chopper Circuit Using Power MOSFET For Motor Control With Motor
  • Single Phase Fully Controlled Converter With Study Of Open Loop And Closed Loop Facility
  • Single Phase Cycloconverter
  • SCR Characteristics
  • 3 MHZ Multi-Wave From Signal Generator
  • 20 MHz Dual Track Oscilloscope
  • Experimental kit for Series Resonance
  • Experimental kit for Parallel Resonance
  • Norton Theorem kit
  • Two Port Network kit
  • Thevenin’s theorem kit
  • Maximum power transfer theorem kit

PE lab 8Hrs

NAS lab

8 Hrs.


Measurements& Electronics Laboratory

  • Three Phase Dimmerstat
  • Three Phase Inductive Load Bank
  • Three Phase Capacitive Load Bank
  • Three Phase Lamp Bank
  • Three Phase Energy Meter
  • Kelvin Double Bridge Kit
  • Wheatstone Bridge Kit
  • Dual DC Power Supply 0-30 V
  • 20 MHz Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
  • 3 MHz Signal Generator
  • 60 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • AM Transmitter
  • FM Transmitter
  • Digital Transmitter & 4 Channel Digital TDM
  • Amplitude Modulation &Demodulation
  • Frequency Modulation & Demodulation
  • Pulse Code Modulation & Demodulation
  • Micro PLC kit

MI Lab

8 Hrs.


8 Hrs

DC MachinesLaboratory

  • DC Motor With Break Pulley DC Motor Shunt Type with mechanical loading -2HP,220v, 1500rpm
  • Transformer Rectifier Unit 3ph, 415V, AC Supply230v/20A
  • DC shunt motor3HP, 230V, 1500RPM with mechanical loading arrangement
  • DC Compound Motor3HP, 230V, 1500RPM with mechanical loading arrangement
  • M.G Set 3HP, 220V, 3Phase/1500RPM DC Shunt Motor couple to 32.2KW/ 220V 1500RPM DC Shunt Generator

Electrical Machine-I lab

8 hrs


AC Machines Laboratory

  • M.G Set 5HP,220V,3phase/1500RPM DC Shunt motor Directly couple to 3.5KW/415V/230V 3phase 4wire/0.3pf Alternator with Base
  • M.G Set Synchronous Motor – DC generator,3HP, 415V, 3phase/ 1500RPM 3phase 50Hz,4pole Rotor Wound Regulated Salient Pole Synchronous Motor Coupled With Damping Winding
  • M.G Set 5HP,415V, 3phase/ 1440RPM Squirrel Cage induction motor couple to 3.5KW/220V1500RPM DC Shunt Generator
  • Transformer rectifier unit, three phase, 415V
  • Transformer Three Phase, 1KVA, 440V/440V, tapping on both side
  • Three Phase Dimmerstat, 440V, 10A
  • Three Phase Induction Motor 3HP, 1440RPM, 415V with mechanical loading arrangement
  • Single Phase Induction Motor 1HP, 1440RPM with mechanical loading arrangement

Electrical Machine-II Lab

16 hrs

Switchgear Protection




  • Philips 89 V51RD2 Microcontroller Board
  • DYNA-85 LCD Advanced 8085 P-Trainer With 40x2 Line LCD Display With In-Built Assembler & Disassembler, Power Supply, Cable And Connector Set, Key Board
  • DYNA 8255 kit
  • DYNA 8253 kit
  • DYNA 8279 kit
  • Electromechanical Overcurrent Relay Kit With Source Unit
  • Directional Overcurrent Relay With Source Unit
  • Overcurrent Microprocessor Relay Test Kit With Source
  • Microprocessor Based Impedance Relay With Source

MPMC lab

8 Hrs.

ASWP lab

8 Hrs.

High Voltage Engineering Laboratory

  • 62.5mm Sphere Gap (Horizontal)With Micrometer Scale And Water Resistor
  • 100KV AC Testing Transformer With Control Panel
  • 0-60KV Transformer Oil Test Kit
  • 5KV, 30mA High Voltage Tester


 8 Hrs.

Computer Centre-I

  • Dell Computers, Core i3 @3.30GHz, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD with Keyboard, Mouse & LED Monitor (20 No.)
  • MATLAB (Software)
  • Octave(Software)
  • Freekad(Software)
  • Scilab(Software)
  • Ngspice(Software)


8 Hrs.

Control system-I

8 Hrs.

Principle of EMD Lab

8 Hrs

Computer Centre-II

  • Dell Computers, Core i3 @3.30GHz, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD with Keyboard, Mouse & LED Monitor (20 No.)
  • 6U Rack With Hardware
  • 6 KVA/180V DC Online UPS
  • Mi-Power (Software)
  • Lab View (Software)
  • AUTOCAD (Software)
  • Matlab(Software)
  • Kicad(Software)
  • Scilab(Software)


8 Hrs.

Power System-I Lab

8 Hrs.

Power System-II


8 Hrs.

NMP lab

8 Hrs.
9 Energy Laboratory
  • Dell Computers, Core i3 @3.30GHz, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD with Keyboard, Mouse & LED Monitor (02),
  • Power Analyzer, Testo-540
  • Testo Make Light Meter
  • Testo-868 Testo Make Thermal Imager
  • Testo Refrigeration Kit Smart Probe Refrigeration Set
  • Testo-174H Testo Make Mini Data Logger Temperature & Humidity
  • Testo-174D Testo USB Interface for Data Logger

Energy auditing and student projects

10 Project Laboratory
  • Dell Computers, Core i3 @3.30GHz, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD with Keyboard, Mouse & LED Monitor (03),
  • DC Regulated Power Supplies,
  • Wattmeters
  • Voltmeters
  • Ammeters
Mini and Major projects

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